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My Week 4 Top 25…

1. Oklahoma
2. LSU
3. Alabama
4. Boise State
5. Stanford
6. Wisconsin
7. Florida State
8. South Carolina
9. Texas A & M
10. Oklahoma State
11. Nebraska
12. Oregon
13. Florida
16. Florida
17. Virgina Tech
18. Baylor
19. TCU
20. Arizona State
21. michigan state
22.West Virgina
23. Notre Dame
24. Mississippi State
25. Ohio State


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County vs. State

I have to admit that with my new job comes a lot of things…among everything…is the challenge to figure out what ‘hat’ I’m wearing.  Am I state staff today or county staff ? That is a question that I struggled with at Fall Conference where I really was wearing both hats at the same time.

Today we had a workshop, and I truely was wearing my county hat…but still thinking about things as a state staff member….I’ve noticed that not only do people approach you differently depending on which hat you are wearing, that many people have approached me with concerns or comments from the county level about things on a state level…am I bridging that gap between ? I’ve also realized that if I had a choice, I would rather be 100% in a county…I love the people I work with at the state level and they are great for advice, because they’ve been out in the world and would approach things differently than a 24 year old would…but the county is where I think I would rather be….

I enjoy that I have so many different people to bounce ideas off of or vent to! K, J, and all of my mentors have been great, and the other staff that I have talked to have also been willing to help so that has been great! I think it is because they have all been there when starting a new job.   I also think they understand some of the positions that I may be put in because of my job.

It always seems that I have been involved with some type of experiement but that’s what life is all about…trying things and seeing how they work…and for me, I happen to be getting paid to be an experiment!

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