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Sometimes I Think Someone Upstairs Likes Me….

Tonight as I was driving back from Wisner, I took my ring off and went to put it down, but in the process, dropped it between the steering wheel and the dashboard. Yes, only I have that talent.

I basically was sick to my stomach the whole way back to Lincoln. It happened to be the ring that my grandma, grandpa and I had picked out as my graduation gift. We each got one in high school, but I didn’t want one then so I waited until grad school graduation to get mine.

I got out and looked under the dashboard as soon as I got home but couldn’t find it…there was no way it could have gotten outside the truck…there was no noise when I dropped it, just it landing somewhere. It hadn’t gotten into the steering column because there was no noise when I turned.

I came upstairs, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and quickly said about 5000000 prayers that I would find it…It had to be there. When I laid down to sleep, I obviously couldn’t…each time I closed my eyes and something was telling me to go back outside and look for it, but take my time this time and not be all panicking and things.

I went back out, got in, and within 5 min, I was putting the ring back on my finger for the trip into the apt….no chancing a pocket or anything! I’m not sure when I will take it off next, but it won’t be for awhile….I don’t think I could have told either of my grandparents that I had lost it…and am so thankful that I found it!

PS…Congrats Sarah and Kyle!


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