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Week 5 Top 25

Here is my week 5 Top 25

1. LSU 
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Boise State
5. Stanford
6. Wisconsin
7. Oregon
8. South Carolina
9. Florida
10. Oklahoma State
11. Nebraska
12. Florida State
13. Missouri
15. Baylor
16. Florida
17. Virgina Tech
18. South Florida
19. TCU
20. Georgia Tech
21. michigan state
22. Arizona State
23. Illinois
24. Mississippi State
25. Ohio State


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Check out Inside The Shoe!

Recently I started writing for a blog called Inside The Shoe…check it out here…

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Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

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Bye Week…

Ohio State has a bye week this week so I am taking the time to bring you some of my favorite tweets from the 2010 Football Season, thus far…this might become a pretty long list!

Tim Brewster isn’t just a black sheep of the Big Ten family, he’s the whole frickin’ flock. @TonyGerdman

Eastern Michigan should take a picture of the opening coin toss because they won it. It’ll likely be the Eagles’ lone highlight. @DaMattHook

Mike Gundy trying to win his 40th win tonight, also known in coaching as the Man tier @ramzyn

If I’m OSU coach Jim Tressel, my halftime speech is 4 words: “Guys, this ain’t 2007.” @LoriSchmidt

Stressel-ball. @LizinNY

The University of Michigan: Putting the “UM” in DUMB since 1817. @BuckeyeBanter

Total shocker. Michigan is WAY overrated. Imagine that. @KyleRowland

This is the greatest moment for the state of South Carolina since the invention of penicillin. @edsbs

This talking thing you do, Craig James. Please stop. @ourhonordefend

When I watch other schools play I really sit back and observe and I’m thankful I came to ohio state @Travishoward_18

Heh, loved that little glimpse into sad Michigan child’s helmet. Good. Crush their spirits early into life. It’s the best way.  @ourhonordefend

UCLA brought a plastic spork to a gunfight. @JeffSvoboda

PROTIP: Don’t say ‘get used to it’ if you happen to beat OSU once dumbass. @columbustom

Revenge against shitty teams you never should have lost to is overrated. That said, 80 points on Purdue would technically be patriotic. @ramzyn

Pryor done for the day. Ditto Purdue. @rollerCD

Kirk Ferentz just Les Miles’d the hell out of the last 30 seconds. @columbustom

Dane Sanzenbacher is unimpressed with your coverage. He always is. @ourhonordefend

Overheard in press box: Michigan defense has been kicked in the McGloin. @PeterCBigelow

Never good sign when U can read the word — Minnesota — that is formed by stadium seats. Means nobody sitting there. Which is now the case. @rollerCD

Ah, weak. I was hoping for an FU touchdown there for Penn State. @ourhonordefend

If you tweet…check out these people on Twitter!

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