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Week 3 Top 25


1. Oklahoma


2. LSU


3. Florida State


4. Alabama


5. Stanford


6. Boise State


7. Oklahoma State


8. Texas A & M


9. Wisconsin


10. South Carolina


11. Oregon


12. Nebraska


13. Arizona State


14. Florida


15. Missouri


16. michigan State


17. Ohio State


18. Virginia Tech




20. Mississippi State


21. TCU


22. West Virginia


23. Georgia


24.Penn State


25. Notre Dame


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Living in Hostile (and New) Big Ten Country, Part 2

Nebraska fans are nice people. Some of the nicest you will find around the college football landscape. They say they clap for the other team after the game, they talk with other fans tailgating (not taunting or harassing…just talking), they say they don’t hate anyone (except Colorado…a little bit)…

I don’t know if they know just what will be waiting on them in Madison, WI when they go on the road to play their first league game as a member of the Big Ten Conference. I’ve never been to a game in Madison, but it doesn’t seem like too welcoming of a place on tv. Especially if you get down 21-0…but then again, there are not many places that are friendly to you then!

Not only Madison, but as they make their stops over the course of the first two years of their Big Ten schedule, it could be an eye-opening experience. But we need a nice team in the Big Ten, we already have the smart kids of Northwestern holding down that role.

I’m not saying fans in the Big Ten are viscous but it will be a new experience for everyone in Nebraska, because in the Big Ten, we do hate teams and other schools, some of them, A LOT!

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Rose Bowl Reflections…

What a great bowl game and start to 2010! The Buckeyes did a great job and it was not all because of great play-making. It was also because of great coaching! I applaud JT and the staff for the job they did during the break! We were focused on the job at hand and took care of business.

As he said…we came out flinging it around…when does JT EVER say fling?!?!

Oregon isn’t as much of a 2nd tier program that I thought it was…it was a great battle.  I do have to ask though…sweatsuits for the band?!?! Those looked absolutely terrible!

Here are some quotes from Oregon players before the game….

“It’s a clash between the old and the new,” Oregon tight end Ed Dickson said. “And it’s going to be a sight to see.”
“I couldn’t see this game being any more physical than Stanford, or Arizona,” Oregon safety T.J. Ward said. “Just because it’s the Big Ten doesn’t mean it will be the most physical game of our lives.”
“We’re ready to play,” Dickson said. “And ready to prove it’s not enough to just play in the Rose Bowl — we want to win.”
“We feel like we can run, we feel like we can pass,” Dickson said. “We’re going to take what they give us.”

I really like the quote by Ward…apparently he was surprised! The Big Ten is not home to as many NFL defensive players because we play soft defense!

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This is a college president!

The Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee tweeted this this morning….

A lion is no match for a poisonous nut. Tune in at 3:30 PM for kickoff. Go Bucks!

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Five Reasons It May Be Time to Worry USC….

No. 1

Mark Sanchez bolting school a year early for the NFL hurts a lot, even though “Slippery Pete” begged and pleaded with him not to leave him hanging (ten).

Never mind the silly surfing joke there. You probably missed it anyway.

No. 2

USC had a stellar defense in 2008—one of the best in the nation in fact—but eight of those 11 starters are now gone. Yes we all know USC reloads with more talented four and five-star blue-chippers, but it’s the lack of experience that can kill you.

No. 3

Starting center Kristofer O’Dowd could be out several weeks after dislocating his right kneecap during a scrimmage last week.

I know that Ohio State center Mike Brewster is the anchor of the Buckeyes O-line and if he went down, that would be devastating.

Even though the Bucks have plenty of young, highly-touted linemen waiting in the wings, it would be nearly impossible to overcome a loss this significant. Therefore, I have to believe the loss of O’Dowd is huge for USC.

No. 4

USC fans should be concerned that true freshman Matt Barkley was named the starting QB. Yes he won the Gatorade POY in 2007 and he was the top QB prospect in the nation this past season coming out of Mater Dei.

But, he has never taken a snap at this level and his second career start is going to be in Columbus, Ohio on ABC, in primetime, versus an out-for-blood and revenge Buckeye team, in front of their own 100,000+ crazy-loud, rabid, scarlet and gray clad fans in the biggest must game win of all must win games of all-time—yet despite all that, he’s going to just waltz right into the Shoe, be as cool as the other side of the pillow, and lead USC to victory?

Good luck with that Matt.

No. 5

Lastly, if you haven’t heard by now, starting WR Ronald Johnson will be out six to eight weeks after breaking his collarbone during the Trojans’ mock game Saturday at the Coliseum, depriving Barkley of one of his top targets until at least mid-October.

Johnson was the Trojans’ third-leading receiver last season with 33 catches for 570 yards and eight touchdowns. Coach Pete Carroll said the injury was “the hit of the hit of the weekend,” and called Johnson’s absence “just a crusher.”

Now, if USC fans STILL believe Ohio State has no shot to win this game, you must have some super-secret weapon stored away that none of us have a clue about.

Please, do tell.

USC is still USC and I don’t expect them to come in to Ohio Stadium and just wave the white flag. But, realistically, the odds of them winning have decreased over the last couple of weeks.

The sad part is, as many others have already said, this is a no-win-situation for Ohio State because if they do win, everyone will say it was because of these USC injuries and that the Trojans were overrated and rebuilding.

If they lose, it will be because Ohio State is overrated and they choked again like they always do on the big stage.

I want and fully expect the Buckeyes to win this game, but it’s a shame that if they do, it will be with this dark cloud hanging over their, dare I say, impending victory.

They may have been able to beat USC at full strength, but now we will never know.

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