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Nebraskan’s and The Big Ten

I haven’t always been a fan of the move for Nebraska to the Big Ten. Nebraskans don’t know or understand our traditions. I know they will respect them…but now that they are officially a conference member, the talking heads of radio are spouting off about the Big Ten like they have always been members of our conference.

I know that these people are not your average day fans that are learning and respecting the Big Ten schools and traditions. It is still annoying!


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Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska!

I hope you enjoy your time in our conference and that your fans remember that they are the new kids on the block, so not to get too full of themselves.

I hope you learn that our traditions are just as important to our conference as Texas was to the Big 12. And don’t mind Wisconsin…they are just obnoxious, to everyone!

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Check out Inside The Shoe!

Recently I started writing for a blog called Inside The Shoe…check it out here…

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Living in Hostile (and New) Big Ten Country, Part 2

Nebraska fans are nice people. Some of the nicest you will find around the college football landscape. They say they clap for the other team after the game, they talk with other fans tailgating (not taunting or harassing…just talking), they say they don’t hate anyone (except Colorado…a little bit)…

I don’t know if they know just what will be waiting on them in Madison, WI when they go on the road to play their first league game as a member of the Big Ten Conference. I’ve never been to a game in Madison, but it doesn’t seem like too welcoming of a place on tv. Especially if you get down 21-0…but then again, there are not many places that are friendly to you then!

Not only Madison, but as they make their stops over the course of the first two years of their Big Ten schedule, it could be an eye-opening experience. But we need a nice team in the Big Ten, we already have the smart kids of Northwestern holding down that role.

I’m not saying fans in the Big Ten are viscous but it will be a new experience for everyone in Nebraska, because in the Big Ten, we do hate teams and other schools, some of them, A LOT!

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Living in Hostile (and New) Big Ten Country

It has been an interesting road since the announcement was first made in June that Nebraska would be joining the Big Ten (12).

The day the Board of Regents met to vote on the decision, no one got anything done in the office. I don’t know if it was because of me or if it was because we all knew something big was happening just across the street.

While I am a Buckeye through and through, til the day that I die, I happen to live and work in Nebraska. More specifically I work for the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Yep…it’s true.

And I think it is going to be tougher than ever before to stay the course in supporting the university I work for, on the athletic field of play.

I for one am looking very forward to watching what happens as Nebraska joins the Big Ten and am excited about what they bring to the conference, athletically and also academically. It will also be nice to see the Buckeyes play without having to travel to Columbus.

Patiently waiting til October 8th

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Tonight is the reason I love this school….

Truer words have not ever been spoken!


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What’s with “THE”?

First of all, it’s pronounced “thee”, not “thuh”.

But, we are often asked, what’s with THE. OK, let’s tell you. Back in 1878, yes 1878, the University was officially designated as The Ohio State University. Before that time, the institution was primarily an agricultural and mechanical college. But the Universities forefathers, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the institution should diversify its educational offerings and become THE flagship University within the State of Ohio. As a matter of fact, in Ohio Law, Section 3335.01, it is stated, and we quote, “the educational institution originally designated as the Ohio agricultural and mechanical college has been known as “The Ohio State University.”

It’s THE home of the largest campus in the United States.

It’s THE home of seven college football National Championships.

It’s THE home of Carmen Ohio and Brutus the Buckeye.

It’s THE home of 102,329 Scarlet and Gray fans on any given Saturday.

It’s THE one. THE only. THE Ohio State University.

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