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The Conspirator Movie Review

I loved the movie! I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

To me it showed more of the human side of the assassination than any book that I have read. It didn’t just focus on John Wilkes Booth and the race to find him. It didn’t focus on making him the only traitor in the story. It focused on the other individuals who chose to work with him and his plot to kill President Lincoln.

It was very interesting to see the way Mary Surratt was portrayed. Not as the boarding house owner that knowingly housed Booth and the others prior to the assassination attempts, but as a woman who was completely in the dark about what was happening under her own roof and with her own son (who by the way, got away with being a member of the group and let his mother hang in his stead).

To me the beginning of the movie was very gripping, I mean really, when you lead off with the assassination, it is hard to top that. The end was just as gripping, with the public hanging and then the reappearance of John Surratt.

The hanging was difficult to watch, but I think Redford missed some of the historical parts associated with the hanging. In the movie, all of the conspirators seem to die instantly, like you are supposed to when you are hung. That is not quite what happened. One of the conspirators kicked and moved until the hood covering his face was thrown off.

I understand why Redford or the studio waited to release it on the date they did (the 146th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, but for the actors involved, I think it ruined their chances of getting recognition for their efforts in bringing these characters to life.


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The Conspirator

Did anyone go see this movie over the weekend? What were your thoughts?

Check back tomorrow for mine!

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The Way We Get By

If you haven’t seen this documentary, you need to.

It follows three elderly people as they volunteer welcoming back troops or sending troops off to both Iraq and Afghanistan at Bangor International in Maine.  To me it is amazing that the oldest living generation can still give of themselves but the younger generations can only sit back and talk about the pros and cons of these wars.  I really don’t care what your take is on the wars, this documentary isn’t about that…it’s about the people who have found the importance in giving something to those who give us so much.

Maybe it’s because of the reception or lack there of for our Korea and Vietnam vets that the generation who fought in Korea and Vietnam aren’t the ones out there helping welcome the troops home or being the last civilian that some of them see for a year or so…



Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher do a  great job both comically and romantically feeding off of one another.  I always enjoyed Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy, but my relationship with Kutcher has been on again, off again.  Sometimes I think he goes too far in his humor or just isn’t that funny in the role he has chosen.

I left the theater amused and pleased that the funnier moments of the film weren’t used in the tv spots.

Catherine O’Hara (the Home Alone mom to my generation) and Tom Selleck play her parents and added to the film.  At the beginning of the movie, I wasn’t sure if they were going to add or detract from the film, but they did add to the story line…even if in some scenes it was just laughing at O’Hara’s character who seems to spend the entire film tanked!

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