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Blogging With a Purpose…

I was reading an article the other day about how teachers are using blogs in the classroom and giving the students a purpose to go along with their blog.  While this works well in the classroom, because I would hate to see the grade I would get for this blog…one that twists and turns as much as my moods.

Thinking back to my time in school, I think blogging before starting a project or being able to (stop) collaborate (and listen) on group projects would have been useful.  Especially if the teacher had made the effort to monitor the blogs and use that as apart of the grade which was assigned.  It really wouldn’t be any different than discussion boards for an online class, but would allow more freedom to work on things.

How could you use blogging in your line of work? Would it improve productivity or teamwork?

In the work that I do, this could be a very good tool for collaboration and team work, but I am not sure how many of the professionals across the state over the age of 60 would jump on this new technology.  They have been pretty good about email and using online video chat so they may be just fine…because blogging and email are so similar.  Could be a fun experiment to try out!

When I have started my different blogs (I usually give up because I don’t think I have anything interesting to say or I have a string of ‘Post more later’) I really haven’t had a purpose, other than to keep people updated on my life.  Isn’t that a purpose in and of its self? I think so….I have blogged about different topics, none of which are earth shattering, that is for sure.

What is the purpose of your blog or webpage? Do you have one that isn’t just for yourself?  Is it more for your own record or for friends? Or do you open it up for the world to be apart of.  Since it is online, most of our blogging is open for the world to see, however, the things we choose to write about may not mean a thing to anyone but a select few.


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Tattoos or Scars…Updated!

which one tells the better story??

We have all heard the quote, “Scars are just tattoos with better stories”. But is that really true?

Is the story about how you fell off your bike and had a rock in your knee really better than the story told by a World War II veteran about how he got this tattoo while stationed in some exotic place with his war buddies? I think the stories are two different beasts. One is a story that is shared and related to others often, the other is one that is sometimes kept only to that person and a select few because of the memories it conjures up.  If it is just the story we are concerned with, I think it would be better to stick to the scar.

However, there are different kinds of tattoo stories as well. The stories of a spring break down in Panama, a family member or friend remembered forever or just one crazy night in college. Which story would we be more interested in hearing? For the most part, I am guessing that it would be about the spring break or crazy night in college…because we never want to get to close to people anymore and know something as intimate as the story behind the anchor, initials and dates that sometime adorn the bodies around us.

Would it be so terrible to walk up to someone you know and ask them about the tattoo on their arm or leg? Sometimes you understand the meaning of the tattoo by just looking at it but do you really understand the reasoning behind the person getting it if you never take the time to ask? Most people are glad to share that information with you and most of the time; I bet you will be surprised at how open individuals can be when you give them the chance.

As we watched the Olympics this summer a lot of tattoo talk was brought up by a certain photo. Yes, I’m talking about the Misty May- Treanor/ President Bush photo. Misty has three tattoos; one is on her lower back of the Roman numeral five along with initials (the tattoo represents her favorite number and basketball player Jason Kidd).

Those details aside, if you have ever watched a match including May-Treanor and her partner Kerri Walsh, (or if you watched their interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show) you know that Kerri slaps her behind after a good play. All President Bush was doing was a more appropriate way of doing that when he visited their practice. I shudder to think what former President Clinton would have done in that position. But back to the tattoos and scars…

I wonder if Misty enjoys the fact that everyone knows what her tattoos mean. We heard it all throughout the Olympics, the one of her shoulder is in remembrance of her mother Barbara May, the one in the famous photo also includes her grandmothers initials, and on her wrist is tattooed M2, a tattoo which she shares with her husband, Marlin’s catcher Matt Treanor (but we didn’t hear about that one…maybe because its not too visible?)

Do we talk about the scars that Misty surely has from all her years in sports? I haven’t heard one thing about any athletes or celebrities scars unless they were surgery and therefore the scar is ‘job related’. You don’t hear that this scar is from climbing a tree in the backyard or this scar is from a little league baseball game. Why is that?

Are tattoos that much more interesting than scars? Does having a tattoo represent something make it more important than the scar you got while sliding into home to score the winning run? Who decides it is more important?

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