Weight Loss and Weight Gain

We all workout right before we are going to something important…a wedding, a vacation, a new job, etc.. For the most part after the event is over or we get back, we stop working out and eating as well as before.

Why is that?

Is it because while we are on vacation we forget about eating good and working out? Is it because we don’t have a goal to work towards anymore?

For me I think it is both.  I recently joined AnyTime Fitness and I really enjoy it.  You can workout any time you want, the gym is yours to use.  I worked out, tracked what I ate and was really good about it until I went on vacation.  Now that M and I are getting married, one would think I would be right back to eating right and working out…but I’m not.  Is it because the wedding is so far away? Is it because I am stressed with work right now…I thought working out was supposed to help that?


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