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Royal Wedding

Loved it!!

What was your favorite part?


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The Conspirator Movie Review

I loved the movie! I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

To me it showed more of the human side of the assassination than any book that I have read. It didn’t just focus on John Wilkes Booth and the race to find him. It didn’t focus on making him the only traitor in the story. It focused on the other individuals who chose to work with him and his plot to kill President Lincoln.

It was very interesting to see the way Mary Surratt was portrayed. Not as the boarding house owner that knowingly housed Booth and the others prior to the assassination attempts, but as a woman who was completely in the dark about what was happening under her own roof and with her own son (who by the way, got away with being a member of the group and let his mother hang in his stead).

To me the beginning of the movie was very gripping, I mean really, when you lead off with the assassination, it is hard to top that. The end was just as gripping, with the public hanging and then the reappearance of John Surratt.

The hanging was difficult to watch, but I think Redford missed some of the historical parts associated with the hanging. In the movie, all of the conspirators seem to die instantly, like you are supposed to when you are hung. That is not quite what happened. One of the conspirators kicked and moved until the hood covering his face was thrown off.

I understand why Redford or the studio waited to release it on the date they did (the 146th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, but for the actors involved, I think it ruined their chances of getting recognition for their efforts in bringing these characters to life.

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The Conspirator

Did anyone go see this movie over the weekend? What were your thoughts?

Check back tomorrow for mine!

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Check out Inside The Shoe!

Recently I started writing for a blog called Inside The Shoe…check it out here…

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It’s a Scary World Out There

Everyone connected in the world of Cooperative Extension knows the budget issues we are facing. We know that the government wants to take away a bigger portion of our funding (Smith-Lever) than anyone else’s, but not many of us know that agriculture and the work we do with farmers and youth programming, is keeping some State’s above water right now.

This morning, South Dakota State University College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences  announced they would be restructuring their Cooperative Extension System into regionally located centers. They will remove their University and Extension presence from each county in the State and move some Extension Educators to these new ‘centers’, creating a new job title of Extension Field Specialist.

On October 21 of this year, all jobs in South Dakota Extension will cease to exist as Extension Educators.  The new job title will mean a REQUIRED Master’s degree (at the minimum) and will shift responsibility of these positions to the academic departments for administration.

4-H advisors will be created so that 4-H programming, and State Fair activities will continue.  The Director of Extension position will be a joint position held by the Dean of the college, a associate director will be appointed from existing staff members.  Three district director positions will be eliminated.

The full article can be found here :

What worries me the most is how close this is to Nebraska and if it works out well….will we be far behind?

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