How do you successful bloggers out there go through all the comments you get?

How do you know what to treat as spam and what is not spam?

Not that I am being over run by comments, but I want to know what is real and what is not so I can appropriately freak out when I do get a real comment from a real-live person!


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  1. #1 by JB on 15, March 2011 - 3:39 pm

    Katie…this is not spam. please do not freak out.

    p.s. reading your blog allows for a nice break in the day.

  2. #2 by john blue on 29, March 2011 - 8:03 pm

    Start with a spam filter plugin (WordPress try, the standard for WordPress).

    For those that do get through (and they will), I tend to look at the real home web address that comes with their moderation message. If it has anything to do with: buying things, write term papers, any pharmaceutical sales, etc then I delete them.

    I also look at the comment to see if it knows what the post was about. If the comment starts with something like “great post about this topic. I really love finding people who can write like this…” (or other generic response) I know the comment is (usually) bogus.

    I also require moderation before a comment is public. This means comments will not get posted until you moderate them. In my case that can take several days to get back to the task.

    Alternative: Use Disqus ( ) as this will keep the comments much better controlled. Note that the comments are not stored on your WordPress site but by a third party (Disqus ) .

    Hope this helps,
    John Blue

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