Black Friday

Did you go out this morning? Did you hit up your favorite stores website to score deals on product and in some cases, free shipping?

We ventured out at about 2:15…got to Kohls just as the line was going into the store…found the two items we were looking for and by that time, my mom and dad had parked and found a place in line….in and out in about 35 min…not too bad!

Target was our next stop…we were in line clear around the building…finally got into the store where I mistakenly grabbed a cart…we were possibly after a tv for the basement, dad said he didn’t want it, mom wanted one for him…I finally get to the back of the store and there are no tvs to be found…I have also lost my sister who I sent off in search of DVD’s (Seasons of Friends for 10 bucks!). I try to manuver around the electronics section…yah that was a big CF!   They had the registers in the back open…and had people buying GPS units, IPods, etc….CHECKING OUT…in the back of the store!

I understand if that is where the product is…but those people can now take their Target bags and roam through the store at will…filling that bag with product! I have worked retail and I know that you always try to improve that loss column…I know there were cops there…but don’t tell me thinks didn’t walk out today. 

By this time I have abandoned the cart..sorry Target workers!…and made my way to the dvds in search of my sister…and she is no where to be found…I check my phone..9 missed calls…that could have something to do with her whereabouts…Her and my mom are in line..almost ready to check out….and I am in the back of the store. 

Apparently she found the dvds and got the heck outta Dodge! This year, Target only took about 45 min….I can do that, but I will be writing a strongly worded letter to Target about checking out in the electronics department….

We also hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond, Old Navy (not the CF it was last year) and Walmart….

I finished up my shopping for my cousins and Czech Boy…only have to get something for my aunts and uncles and I am done!


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