Bye Week…

Ohio State has a bye week this week so I am taking the time to bring you some of my favorite tweets from the 2010 Football Season, thus far…this might become a pretty long list!

Tim Brewster isn’t just a black sheep of the Big Ten family, he’s the whole frickin’ flock. @TonyGerdman

Eastern Michigan should take a picture of the opening coin toss because they won it. It’ll likely be the Eagles’ lone highlight. @DaMattHook

Mike Gundy trying to win his 40th win tonight, also known in coaching as the Man tier @ramzyn

If I’m OSU coach Jim Tressel, my halftime speech is 4 words: “Guys, this ain’t 2007.” @LoriSchmidt

Stressel-ball. @LizinNY

The University of Michigan: Putting the “UM” in DUMB since 1817. @BuckeyeBanter

Total shocker. Michigan is WAY overrated. Imagine that. @KyleRowland

This is the greatest moment for the state of South Carolina since the invention of penicillin. @edsbs

This talking thing you do, Craig James. Please stop. @ourhonordefend

When I watch other schools play I really sit back and observe and I’m thankful I came to ohio state @Travishoward_18

Heh, loved that little glimpse into sad Michigan child’s helmet. Good. Crush their spirits early into life. It’s the best way.  @ourhonordefend

UCLA brought a plastic spork to a gunfight. @JeffSvoboda

PROTIP: Don’t say ‘get used to it’ if you happen to beat OSU once dumbass. @columbustom

Revenge against shitty teams you never should have lost to is overrated. That said, 80 points on Purdue would technically be patriotic. @ramzyn

Pryor done for the day. Ditto Purdue. @rollerCD

Kirk Ferentz just Les Miles’d the hell out of the last 30 seconds. @columbustom

Dane Sanzenbacher is unimpressed with your coverage. He always is. @ourhonordefend

Overheard in press box: Michigan defense has been kicked in the McGloin. @PeterCBigelow

Never good sign when U can read the word — Minnesota — that is formed by stadium seats. Means nobody sitting there. Which is now the case. @rollerCD

Ah, weak. I was hoping for an FU touchdown there for Penn State. @ourhonordefend

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