I’ve never had a good experience with the Postal Service in Lincoln.  After they closed the branch closest to my apartment and I have to go downtown to get packages or held mail, I have got nothing but the run around.

For example, on Monday I went to pick up the mail I had held over the holidays.  The counters didn’t open until 7:30, ok fine…so I got there about 7:28 and decided to go in…there was a line standing in the FREEZING lobby because the person standing, yes standing, on the other side of the door which leads to the counters would not open the doors until 7:30:00, not 7:29:59…She commented when she did open the doors that ‘the girls wouldn’t be ready if I had opened early…’. BS.

When I got to the counter, I was told that I had to go to a different building to get my held mail. Never in the 4 years of holding my mail over the holidays, have I had to go anywhere but the post office counter to get my mail.  But whatever.

She tells me which building it is in and how to get there. She forgot to tell me that this is behind the building where the employees park.  So I spend 15 minutes driving around the same 4 or 5 buildings. They probably now think I am a terrorist and was casing the joint.

I finally found the window, the sign said it didn’t open until 8:00…but to ring the bell for service.  So I rang the bell. Because I needed to be headed out of Lincoln to get to work at a reasonable time my first day back from vacation.  A guy comes to the window and I give him my print out from the on-line hold mail reservation that has my address on it and he checks my ID…closes window in my face…comes back 5 minutes later with my mail.  And then asks me if I would like to resume delivery of my mail.

No, I would like it held so I can come back and jump through some more hoops for you.

In my mail was the DVD from Netflix that I reported missing, and two other DVDs that had a delivery date of BEFORE I left.  I guess the lesson here is don’t send your hold mail request until you leave…because they will hold your mail before that time. I really wanted to take those movies home with me!


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