Rose Bowl Reflections…

What a great bowl game and start to 2010! The Buckeyes did a great job and it was not all because of great play-making. It was also because of great coaching! I applaud JT and the staff for the job they did during the break! We were focused on the job at hand and took care of business.

As he said…we came out flinging it around…when does JT EVER say fling?!?!

Oregon isn’t as much of a 2nd tier program that I thought it was…it was a great battle.  I do have to ask though…sweatsuits for the band?!?! Those looked absolutely terrible!

Here are some quotes from Oregon players before the game….

“It’s a clash between the old and the new,” Oregon tight end Ed Dickson said. “And it’s going to be a sight to see.”
“I couldn’t see this game being any more physical than Stanford, or Arizona,” Oregon safety T.J. Ward said. “Just because it’s the Big Ten doesn’t mean it will be the most physical game of our lives.”
“We’re ready to play,” Dickson said. “And ready to prove it’s not enough to just play in the Rose Bowl — we want to win.”
“We feel like we can run, we feel like we can pass,” Dickson said. “We’re going to take what they give us.”

I really like the quote by Ward…apparently he was surprised! The Big Ten is not home to as many NFL defensive players because we play soft defense!


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