A Stand Against Tiger…

Finally someone is taking a stand to not ‘celebrate’ people in the public eye that do wrong.  I wish this happened each time celebrities got pulled over for drunk driving, doing drugs, etc.

WASHINGTON (AP)—A California congressman is dropping his effort to honor Tiger Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Democratic Rep. Joe Baca proposed legislation in March that called for the golfer to be recognized for promoting good sportsmanship and breaking down barriers in the sport.

Baca said in a statement Wednesday that “in light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family,” he won’t pursue legislation this session to give him the award.

Woods’ recent car accident has led to a media firestorm surrounding his personal life. The world’s No. 1 golfer hit a hydrant and a tree on Nov. 27, and he was cited for careless driving and fined $164.

The accident—and Woods’ refusal to answer questions about it—fueled speculation about a possible dispute between him and his wife, Elin.

Woods has been out of the public eye since the crash and subsequent allegations of extramarital affairs.

Last week, Woods issued a statement saying he had let his family down with unspecified “transgressions” that he regrets with “all of my heart.”

The medal is the highest award Congress has to honor civilians for achievements and contributions to society.

The Hill newspaper first reported Baca’s decision to drop the effort.



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  1. #1 by Brian on 10, December 2009 - 12:05 am

    I agree that this “celebrating” famous people and pretending that the things they have done wrong have never happened or lets “pretend” they don’t matter. People say “don’t judge”, but they do it all the time. You have to judge ,between right and wrong, why else do we have a court system, with lawyers and JUDGES and jurys? To JUDGE guilt or innocence, that’s why. The people who say “don’t judge” don’t want anyone telling them what they are doing is wrong, they already feel guilty about it, that’s why they say “don’t judge me”. They want to rationlize, justify and excuse their wrong actions. There are things that are wrong from a legal standpoint, if you break the law you will pay a price, a fine or perhaps jail. There are also things that are wrong from an immoral standpoint, they won’t get you thrown in jail, but can cost you just as high a price if not worse than jail. Commit adultry on your spouse and see what happens, you won’t go to jail, but you may get divorced and lose your family, namely your children, lose your home, pay legal fees, lose your reputation, your good name is worth FAR more than your money. Just ask Tiger, see what he thinks about the hailstorm of media attention he is getting and if he thinks it’s worth it. His kids will see this at some point, all the dirty laundry, they will google his name and there it will be. I promise you he never thought of that before he did any of the things he has done. The bigger problem is there are kids all over the WORLD that want to be JUST like Tiger and many other sports stars that have done similar or worse things. Our children hero’s should be the parents not some sports star with 25 tatoos and a 9mm and we wonder why the USA is piece by piece falling apart, wake up America and get back to your beginning and that beginning was and still is God. Beliefs and opinions unless they are based in fact mean nothing. Read a book called The case for Christ or The light and the Glory, they are good places to start. Public schools have only told partial truths about our beginning and a lot more lies. People need to learn to think for themselves and stop “accepting” everything they are told by the media. This includes my comments, don’t just take my word, find out the REAL truth even if it may be unpleasant. Jesus said “The truth shall set you free”, and that is true. However, many times the truth shall make you mad before it sets you free. Feel free to E-mail me, I care about you and God loves you. Thanks for reading the post and keeping an open mind.

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