Ohio State connections to Pearl Harbor

Ever wonder why four dorms at Ohio State are named…Halloran, Scott, Blackburn, and Haverfield?

They are named for the four Ohio State graduates who were killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 68 years ago today.

-Jim Haverfield had joined the Navy not long after graduating from Ohio State University in 1939. Commissioned an ensign, he was assigned to the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. His body yet resides within the wreckage of that sunken battleship after the Japanese attack 68 years ago today.

-Ensign William I. Halloran, a 1938 OSU journalism graduate was, like Haverfield, an officer aboard the USS Arizona who went down with the ship.

-John T. “Jack” Blackburn, who graduated from Columbus North High School and attended OSU, was lost when the USS Utah went down.

-Robert R. Scott, another former OSU student, became the university’s first recipient of the Medal of Honor for bravery he displayed during the Dec. 7 attack. Scott’s below-decks battle station aboard the USS California began flooding not long after the battleship was hit, though Scott refused to abandon the compressor he was running and on which the guns topside relied. “This is my station and I will stay and give them air as long as the guns are going,” Scott is reported to have said before ultimately drowning during the attack.



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