High School…

As I was driving to work today the radio DJ’s were talking about names and people we remember from high school.  There are a few names that stick with me, but I haven’t heard any of them lately to make me wonder if its the same person I knew back then.  It makes me wonder if people do the same thing when if they hear my name.

It’s funny to think how Facebook and MySpace keeps people in touch, regardless of if they ever talk…that because of being ‘friends’ on Facebook, it some how makes you friends in real-life.

There are people that I didn’t talk to much in high school, that are on Facebook but I choose not to add them…and they haven’t chose to add me either…it is kind of like cliques…you let them do their thing, and they (most of the time) don’t get in the way of you doing yours.  I do have to say that all of the things that high school offered me, the most beneficial thing was the fact that I really didn’t belong to a certain clique (I at least like to think that…if I’m wrong, tell me!)…I tried to make an effort to talk to everyone…not everyone made that effort back, which I’m ok with.

What do you remember about high school? What cliques did you belong to?

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