My day…

So I’m sitting here in this training…bored out of my mind…glad it’s my last day of this.  We are talking about reporting our achievements for the year.  While I think I did accomplish some things that were included in my goals…but I’m pretty sure that this next year needs to be more focused.  It wouldn’t be a problem to be more focused, if I really liked what I was focused on.  I do enjoy the technology and robotics, but would be much happier doing leadership/citizenship…something where I think I bring value.

I’m not sure I’m cut out for being in Extension…I like doing workshops, teaching about leadership, doing teambuilding activities and all of the things which go along with the fair.  But this reporting, researching and ‘scholarly’ works is not up my alley at all….too bad I have to do that to get promoted in 4 years…I’m wondering if I’ll still be here in 4 years…maybe because of funding, but maybe by my choice…and where I will be in 4 years…still split, or really where I want to be…in a county, doing the things that I need to do…the way they need to be done…

The rest of life is just about as crazy as work right now…finally got my truck back and fixed…but I’ve had to go back twice to get things right…but I guess it’s better than not having it back.   Today is pay day…thank God for that.  I need to be better at taking the time to plan my time and stick to the plan.

What is going on out there with the rest of the world?


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