There’s a Road Outside Columbus….That High Street never looked so good…

I’m sitting in the Columbus airport waiting on my flight back to Omaha (with a stop in St. Louis).  I really don’t want to leave.  Each time I come back, it gets harder and harder to leave.  Maybe that’s why I’ve avoided going to campus the other times I’ve been back, but not for games.

Driving around, I realized how much I remembered and didn’t look at one map the whole time. I find that amazing because I’ve been in Lincoln for three years and sometimes still need a map or at least to look at Mapquest before I go somewhere.  I haven’t honestly been back in Columbus, for any length of time, in three years.  But in 5 days,  with 315 under construction, I can tell you how to get basically anywhere…

Is it because I became the person I am today while I was here, is it because there is nothing like not having to defend what you wear, what you have on your truck each day (I know it is all in fun, but it does get annoying and old after awhile), or is there another reason, one that I’m trying so hard to put into perspective and to take a step back from…

More Later…


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