OSU vs. usc

Finally gathering my thoughts about the game last night.  It was an amazing atmosphere, before the game, during the game and even after the game.  We watched the ROTC cadets march over with the flag and also watched the band march into the staduim.  It was amazing to look up at the people standing in C deck in the closed end of the stadium, watching the band come in.   There is still nothing like watching J-I row come down the ramp…

I’m pretty sure I teared up during Carmen Ohio during pregame…106,000 + people signing your alma mater…nothing like it in the world.  The flashbulbs going off during Script Ohio, and really all of pregame were awesome too!

The view from our seats was great, we were in B deck, right above where Ohio State runs out of their tunnel.  There were so many great moments and a few moments that made me cringe.  The defense played lights out against usc’s ‘far superior’ offensive line.  While we didn’t get that much pressure on the qb, we were aggressive. The offense never got into a rhythm…what frustrated me the most was that we did nothing with the turn overs.

I was ready to hit the guy behind us…he was swearing and commenting on what ever Tressel chose to do, but was the first one to high five us when something went right.  I understand that we all get frustrated with Coach Tressel sometimes, but he’s the coach, he’s the one who has the experience and knowledge to be in that position, so let him make the calls.

The only thing that I can say that was really disrespectful of USC, was the fact their band would not stop playing the fight song while our players were praying and when they came over to sing Carmen Ohio.

Brian and I


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