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I am….

I am smart

I am successful

I am worth more than people in my past will ever know

I am trustworthy

I am not going to play games

I am interesting

I am funny

I am fully prepared to do things on my own

I am loyal

I am wondering if I’ve made the right choices in life

I am doing the best that I can

I am unapologetically American

I am me

I am willing to take risks

I am strong

I am a Cardinal, a Buckeye and a Cornhusker

I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a cousin and a friend



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My day…

So I’m sitting here in this training…bored out of my mind…glad it’s my last day of this.  We are talking about reporting our achievements for the year.  While I think I did accomplish some things that were included in my goals…but I’m pretty sure that this next year needs to be more focused.  It wouldn’t be a problem to be more focused, if I really liked what I was focused on.  I do enjoy the technology and robotics, but would be much happier doing leadership/citizenship…something where I think I bring value.

I’m not sure I’m cut out for being in Extension…I like doing workshops, teaching about leadership, doing teambuilding activities and all of the things which go along with the fair.  But this reporting, researching and ‘scholarly’ works is not up my alley at all….too bad I have to do that to get promoted in 4 years…I’m wondering if I’ll still be here in 4 years…maybe because of funding, but maybe by my choice…and where I will be in 4 years…still split, or really where I want to be…in a county, doing the things that I need to do…the way they need to be done…

The rest of life is just about as crazy as work right now…finally got my truck back and fixed…but I’ve had to go back twice to get things right…but I guess it’s better than not having it back.   Today is pay day…thank God for that.  I need to be better at taking the time to plan my time and stick to the plan.

What is going on out there with the rest of the world?

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Tyson Gentry.

In April 2005, Tyson Gentry was injured during spring football practice at Ohio State (

This past weekend he was honored as the 2009 Ohio State Alumni Association Gordon E. Gee Spirit of Ohio State Award recipient.  Tyson finished his degree this past spring and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree.   This award honors an alumni who  “demonstrate a devotion to Ohio State and promote school spirit with integrity and honor in an effort to elevate the university and its history.”

Congrats Tyson!

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New Sculpture Made From The Past…

As some of you know,  the school district I grew up in recently built new schools.  And tore down the other buildings which had been apart of their respective communities for many, many years. It was hard to see those buildings go…so many memories of my school years were held in each of those buildings.  I understand why they were torn down, and for the respect of the buildings and history, it was the best option.

A sculpture is being built by David McDowell (SVHS Class of ’98) using the cornerstones from the old schools as the base.  I have included some pictures of the progress so far (photos by David McDowell)…

Top- Left to right- cornerstones from Waynesburg and East Sparta Elementary Schools, cornerstone from Magnolia Elementary School, place where a new time capsule and the old High School Cornerstone will go, cornerstone of Sandyville Elementary School.

Each of the cornerstones contained a time capsule and they were opened this past spring.

Keep tabs on the progress by joining the Facebook Group-

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Chevy Salutes America’s Heroes

Nominate your hero and honor all who serve….

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I Want…

a vacation

a day without the need to check email

a day when everything goes my way

a life outside of my job

to not be so distracted by what other people are doing

to be satisfied

to feel like I’m making a difference

to understand the turns my life has taken


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How Firm Thy Friendship…

Around this time of year I am always taken back to September 19th, 2002.  The day I moved into my dorm at Ohio State.  It may sound silly that 7 years later I still remember that day and wonder what my life would be like without the people and the place that Ohio State is to me.

I recently found a whole lot of old CD’s that I burned that year, and each track takes me back to that year, that place, and those people.

As much as some of those moments would like to be forgotten, there are so many more that I want to remember forever.

I ended up in a place where no one knew me, and if they did, they probably didn’t talk to me that much.  I had so much to learn about life, my choices and myself that year…and I did, because of the people who were my first Ohio State family.  I don’t talk to many of them anymore, but the ones that matter the most I do.  And even those people, I don’t (unfortunately) talk to that often.

When I was on campus two weekends ago, I was also reflecting on this past year, the first year since 1988 that I hadn’t been in some kind of school and how that has shaped me as well.  If there is a better place to reflect than in a stadium on the banks of the Olentangy River, please let me know…because I for one may never agree.  Life hasn’t always been the easiest, but in the end it usually turns out right.  Even the worst things, when they first happen, most of the time turn out for the best.

I had my ups, downs, twists and turns while I was at Ohio State, there were many times when I wanted to quit or just stop in the middle of the path I was on and turn around.  Some of you know about those, and some of you don’t.  That doesn’t matter, what matters is the fact that when I was at Ohio State I learned that there are only a few things to count on in life….yourself, your family and friends, how much your surrounding dictate who you are, and just how much one place can mean to you.

Ohio State, throughout my 4 years, but especially my freshman year, changed my life…

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