The First ‘Greatest Generation’….

Only a handful of World War I veterans remain of the estimated 68 million mobilized. There are no French veterans left alive; just one left now in Britain; and the last living American-born veteran is Frank Woodruff Buckles of Charles Town, West Virginia. The man believed to have been Germany’s last surviving soldier has also died.

So a ‘handful’ means two? Because judging from this paragraph, that’s how many are left. These men need to be honored for what they did.

We all talk about the generation that fought in WWII to the “The Greatest Generation” and while I am not trying to take away from what they did, because they did accomplish great things through great sacrifice…but this generation of soldiers did as well.  They saved the world the first time.


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  1. #1 by worldwar1letters on 22, July 2009 - 7:44 pm

    I call the WWI generation the “Most Gallant Generation” because they set the example for shared sacrifice, patriotism and the mobilizing of all American society for Victory long before the “Greatest Generation” was even born.

    To read the voice of one member of this generation, visit Soldier’s Mail which features the writings home from the front of U.S. Sgt Sam Avery posted on the same date they were written over 90 years ago.

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