And so…

another crazy week begins! But honestly, after this one, the craziness is a little more spread out.  I am looking forward to a whole week in David City in two weeks, maybe giving me a taste of what this would be like every day of the week.  I am also looking forward to the last week in June as I will be going to Illinois for a robotics camp.

After the next ‘big’ thing in my world right now is the Butler County Fair- July 22-26th.  But after that…I’m FREE! (well sorta)…..maybe then I’ll get to take another break and get out of the ‘good life’ for awhile….

I’m glad I went to NC when I did…I needed a break to start off the summer…and while it made for a hectic week afterward….none of that was of my doing….and like my mom says…’Your lack of planning, does not make an emergency for me.’


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