Over Training?

Out of all the ‘trainings’ that I have done for my job so far ( I say that because there are at least two more to go)…this past week’s was the most beneficial. I’m not saying that the other ones were bad, but this one took a more in depth look at things and those things were presented by the faculty and staff that are responsible for them, so at least now if we have questions, we have a face to go with an email address or phone number.

And I’m not saying that having us go around and meet others who work in different areas is a bad idea, I really liked doing that and it also gave me some names and faces to know at meetings and things…but I think it’s interesting to see how much they are trying to prepare us…some things you can prepare us for, but most things, like the screaming Mom at the county fair when it is 95 degree outside, in the middle of July….that’s what I want training on how to deal with! Not the ID sheets!


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