The Urgent but Not Important

I’m still on my 7 Habits high (which I’ve heard goes away after a week or so…) so you’ll have to bear with the next few days of blogging.

I got to cross off something on my list of 50 things to before I’m 50…last week I wrote an article for The Banner Press, the newspaper here in David City. Not a groundbreaking piece of journalism, but I’m still pretty darn impressed….now if only I could find a full-time job writing, then I may just be in heaven. In January, Extension Board ‘suggested’ this to Michael and I, that since there were two people in the office, we should now have time to write articles. All well and good…and I’m not complaining because I love to write and reading about the subject before I write is just a perk!

On my way to David City yesterday (I was in my office for 10 hours yesterday and will be here until at least 8:30 again tonight, so I’m working on a 24 hour work week already….) I saw the sign at the vet supply store..they usually have quotes or a saying up and change it weekly…well this week’s is ‘Do not confuse the urgent for the important.’

And if any of you have read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you know that this quote is more or less directly from there. Maybe that’s why my high is still going….who knows….

But think about it, what do we do because we choose to make it ‘urgent’ even though it is not important. For some if may be checking email as soon as we get up and then having to rush to work without breakfast, or many of the other things we think are urgent in our lives but when it boils down to it, are not that important.

Any one got any good examples of that?


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