Can too much interest in ‘self help’ and ‘self improvement’ be a bad thing? I think it can be, sometimes we can get all wrapped up in ‘self- helping’ ourselves and finding new resources to ‘help’ us, that we don’t get down to the real problem we are trying to solve…

Out of all of the resources which we have in the world today, I believe this one is most abundant…any one can tell you to manage your time better, give you tips on what has worked in their life, but how do we keep it all straight. Just Google ‘self- help’ or ‘time management’ and see how many website come up…and how many blogs!

This week I attended a 7 Habits of Highly Effective People workshop and I am here to say, that I fully believe that this is the one and only self improvement method (if you want to call that- I would prefer ‘life changing, eye opening, why didn’t I do this sooner’ method). The most reveling part for me was when we got to read our Benchmark results. The Benchmark is a survey that we filled out, had at least 3 others fill out and had our boss fill out. Some of the results were surprising and took some time to digest, and honestly, I’m still working on some of it. It is interesting to compare my ratings to those of others….but it certainly does give me things to work on and I think the follow up that is done by the trainers after the workshop gives all who have taken it an avenue for success.

We played basketball for awhile the first night we were there….I’m still sore! NOT GOOD! I knew I was out of shape but good gosh! I didn’t think it was that bad!


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  1. #1 by theman6007 on 24, March 2010 - 12:02 am

    Self help programs are good only when a person is guided by a power greater than his or her self.In other words no one can really help his or her self,with out the help of a belief system that adequately support him or her.Tiger Woods has a lot of money,but look at his state of affairs.He is now in therapy.Even he has to depend on a power greater than his self,which is the group that he attends.I have read many self help books and attended many seminars,but when I got by self I could not maintain the discipline to maintain a self help regiman,therefore I have to depend on a power greater than myself,which could be a group or God I prefer to depend on God for help.

  2. #2 by San on 20, March 2011 - 7:52 am

    @theman6007 You are right about depending on a higher power but I believe self-help also works when the person has had enough. When you have had enough of your own lack of discipline, self love and how your actions have cost you greatly, you are then ready to get it in. But before that, people just read and forget.

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