Not doing so well with my no Facebook, unless responding to a message, for Lent….Hopefully this week I can do better! I really think my ‘exception to the rule’ is the root of my problem…because I can get on, to respond to a wall post or a message…and while I’m on there, I can look around…maybe I should just cut it off completely…

I had an epiphany while I was on there doing what I said I wasn’t going to…people don’t have to trust anyone anymore…for example…say I was dating someone and had a suspicion that he was doing some thing behind my back…where would I start? Facebook of course! And don’t sit there and shake your head…you’ve done it or at least thought about doing it.

Church today was amazing…basically a sermon that hit me square in the face and didn’t need any interpretation later in the day.

Busy week coming up…especially since I have to prepare for being gone for three days…but I am glad to be going home for a weekend. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.



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