25- Take 2

Since I keep getting tagged…you get to read 25 more things!

1. I wouldn’t trade my 11 years in 4-H for anything in the world.

2. Sometimes I wonder how I was blessed with so many wonderful people.

3. I would quit my job and move to the coast in a second if I knew I could afford to do it.

4. I have over 30 pairs of shoes and about 20 bags(purses, gym bags, book bags, etc.).

5. I would really like to play a volleyball game against Misty and Kerri…I am sure I would lose horribly!

6. I want to go to the Daytona 500

7. I’ve never rode a horse, and honestly have little desire to do so.

8. I would like to ride a bull though.

9. I’m an introvert, many people don’t believe that.

10. My dentist once told me I have a small mouth…my family says that I use it to its full potential.

11. I have owned a vehicle made by each of the 3 major domestic manufacturers….a Ford, a Dodge and a Chevy…I like my Chevy the best.

12. I still have my first truck…1984 Ford Ranger

13. I love ALF

14. I could watch Anne of Green Gables over and over and over.

15. I like war movies, sports movies and documentaries.

16. I like to read the book before seeing the movie.

17. I have watched ER since it began, and will not know what to do with myself after April 2nd.

18. I wanted to be a doctor so I could find George Clooney and make out with him in the closet.

19. My cousin and I have the same middle name, although they are spelled differently.

20. I hate doing dishes and dusting

21. My school colors have always included red- HS- Red and Gray, Undergrad- Scarlet and Grey, Grad- Scarlet and Cream

22.  When I was 16 I wanted a Chevy truck, when I was 18 I wanted a Dodge, when I was 24, I bought a Chevy

23. I have a scar above my eyelid because I fell and cracked it on the piano bench at home.

24. When I was 4,  I fell off of a float during the Canal Days parade and it ran me over…I didn’t cry or get hurt.  My mom cried though.

25.  I rolled off the table when I was just learning how to roll myself over.  Explains a lot doesn’t it! 🙂

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