Post #70

70 posts! Not a normal post to celebrate but heck, I’ve been at this blog address longer than others before!

Nothing too profound, but yesterday I actually enjoyed my job and actually got to do it. Alone! Well not alone, alone, but without M. It was great to know that I was in charge and C was only there if I needed something.

Today in church, the pastor talked about how we all hear sermon’s differently than they are delivered because God is working through the pastor to allow us to hear the things we need to hear. He does that for everyone in the church, which just amazes me. There are at least 150 people, all hearing the same sermon, but yet it is different. It speaks to our hearts and minds differently. And its weird that sometimes the sermon doesn’t hit me until Thursday afternoon! Hopefully this weeks doesn’t take that long to sink in!

This is just funny and has nothing to do with anything I posted!


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