25 Things

1. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11.

2. As a kid I was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and NKOTB.

3. I had braces from the summer before 5th grade until mid way through 7th grade…

4. I have never been skiing or snowboarding.

5. I love being on the water more than being on land.

6. I used to wear Happy Meal boxes on my head and play the piano. (This was not last week)

7. I love quotes and motivational speakers.

8. I wouldn’t admit that I wanted to work in Extension until I was in grad school.

9. I have had the same cell phone number since 1999.

10. I drink a gallon of Gatorade every two days…Fruit Punch and Riptide Rush are my faves.

11. I know CPR and how to use an AED.

12. At 4-H camp we had fun teasing Danny “The Bathroom Nazi”…we also got him kicked out of camp.

13. I would like a tattoo…but pass out at the sight on needles.

14. I sing in my truck to the radio and into the shampoo bottle in the shower.

15. I could listen to music 24/7/365.

16. I am deathly afraid of the movie ‘Storm of the Century’ but yet I own it.

17. I refused to watch ET until I was 15.

18. I was once interested in having the Navy pay for medical school…both of those dreams died about the same time…

19. I played with Legos this past summer not knowing I would be doing that for the foreseeable future.

20. I’m working on letting go and letting God.

21. Someday I would like to publish a book.

22. I want to learn how to surf on the North Shore in Hawaii.

23. I wanted to teach so I could coach…

24. My grandma has already told me that I will have all boys when I have children.

25. For me, the journey is more important than the end result.


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  1. #1 by K to the T on 30, January 2009 - 11:20 pm

    I finally replied to this on facebook. aren’t you proud of me?

    Ah… the memories of Danny. Fun times, fun times.

    Poor guy, although he more than deserved it.

    • #2 by klar4230 on 1, February 2009 - 8:32 am

      Yes, for some reason Danny popped into my head when I was writing that out…poor guy..but you are right, he deserved it and probably more!

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