A Great Way To End The Week…

Sorry about the previous rant…I was being a disgrunteled employee with no one to complain to, and no, it wasn’t because someone took my red stapler!

Yesterday was a great day after I got done venting! K and I created the robotics course and got the instructions/rules set up, I also found out that I got a grant from ESRI! B was really funny when he told me…like he didn’t know how to congratulate me…but then again, he’s a guy, so I will forgive him!

B came out into the hallway where K and I were working on the course….he peeked his head around the corner and said, you got that ESRI grant…I thought he said that he got another one…then he said it again, it hit me! I got it!  It’s defintely not the millions he has brought in, but after waiting since November 24th to hear back, I was pretty happy!



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