I’ve decided to put aside my own thoughts and wants, go out on a limb.  From the post below you realize that this is contrary to what I thought a week ago…things change and for once, I want to serve God without strings attached.  So that is what I’m going to do…I am going to be supportive and go with the flow…Pray that I can do that…and pray that my motives don’t get confused with something else that I would really like to happen.

Went to church on Sunday for the first time in a long time…good time…kind of reminded me of King Ave. back in Columbus, nothing will ever be like that place, but I suspect even that place isn’t the same anymore.

Watched/Listened to the Inaguration on-line today…I hope and pray that Obama can turn this country around…I don’t agree with him on much, but his vision seems to be positive.  I wonder what GWB could have done had he not been protecting our interests at home and abroad….


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  1. #1 by Sarah on 20, January 2009 - 11:32 pm

    I didn’t know you went to King Ave. I used to go there every now and then. My Grandparents were married there in the 40’s. I think that is why I enjoyed going there.

  2. #2 by klar4230 on 21, January 2009 - 3:02 pm

    That’s really cool…I never knew that!

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