Signs, Signs…Everywhere?

Some of you know that I am struggling with something right now…D is gone for the next 12 weeks (+1, already) and while we did reconnect (sort of if Facebook chat is reconnecting) and he said he would get me his address when he could….I’m still in the mindset that I should write him first.

Why you ask am I in this mindset? I’m not sure but I think it has to do with control again…if I’m in control, then I can force something that may not be right for me. I’ve asked advice from a lot of people, some telling me that there is no harm in writing and that they need encouragement and others telling me to wait on God to show me the way.

The latter would have been rather hard for me had I not went through the experience of waiting on God to show me the job I was supposed to have. And that turned out pretty well.

Anyway…I wrote a letter, addressed it (because the address can be found online easily) and was out of stamps when I was going to send it..(sign #1) so I go to the ATM that morning to get stamps…window is frozen shut and won’t go down (I tried twice…sign #2)!

So needless to say, I’m waiting on God (and D) now…will this effect how I feel when I get the address? Probably not, since if this is my forever man, then nothing will matter.



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