Blogging With a Purpose…

I was reading an article the other day about how teachers are using blogs in the classroom and giving the students a purpose to go along with their blog.  While this works well in the classroom, because I would hate to see the grade I would get for this blog…one that twists and turns as much as my moods.

Thinking back to my time in school, I think blogging before starting a project or being able to (stop) collaborate (and listen) on group projects would have been useful.  Especially if the teacher had made the effort to monitor the blogs and use that as apart of the grade which was assigned.  It really wouldn’t be any different than discussion boards for an online class, but would allow more freedom to work on things.

How could you use blogging in your line of work? Would it improve productivity or teamwork?

In the work that I do, this could be a very good tool for collaboration and team work, but I am not sure how many of the professionals across the state over the age of 60 would jump on this new technology.  They have been pretty good about email and using online video chat so they may be just fine…because blogging and email are so similar.  Could be a fun experiment to try out!

When I have started my different blogs (I usually give up because I don’t think I have anything interesting to say or I have a string of ‘Post more later’) I really haven’t had a purpose, other than to keep people updated on my life.  Isn’t that a purpose in and of its self? I think so….I have blogged about different topics, none of which are earth shattering, that is for sure.

What is the purpose of your blog or webpage? Do you have one that isn’t just for yourself?  Is it more for your own record or for friends? Or do you open it up for the world to be apart of.  Since it is online, most of our blogging is open for the world to see, however, the things we choose to write about may not mean a thing to anyone but a select few.

  1. #1 by Chase March on 18, December 2008 - 8:06 pm

    I have a class blog. I post up entries so that my students know what to do when we have our weekly time in the computer lab. It’s a great tool because I can embed activities and links so they don’t have to type in anything.

    I keep the class blog private though.

    I also have a commonplace book blog in which I share my favourite quotations.

    My main blog is my observations about life, teaching, and hip-hop.

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