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Fall Conference

I just got back from Fall Conference in Grand Island.  It was a great time, probably a better time than I should have had.  I’m glad that I went for NCEA and started those relationships before Fall Conference started.

I think this was the perfect time for this event to occur, not only because of the reporting and planning that needs to be started for next year but because of the people I got to meet and the names and faces that got put together.  I wasn’t too happy that B left me high and dry with the SET workgroup…but I guess when you get a second 2 million dollar grant, those things get over looked.  I don’t think a few others were happy with him either…

It was interesting to see the state vs. county perspective on things…and I really think that once a permanent postion in a county comes up, I’d like to take it.  Not that I don’t enjoy working in the state office, I just could identify more with the county staff than the state staff.

Its going to be a long but short week…Achievement Party tomorrow, Interview in Lincoln on Monday,  taking Tuesday off, in DC on Wednesday, then in Lincoln as a county person on Thursday to do some planning and back to the State office on Friday.


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Getting Life Back on Track…

It has been a good weekend…much better than I thought it would ever be! Some of you know why, and I’ll leave it at that.

I have been pretty productive and have also gotten to relax some.  Those are the best weekends.  I think my biggest problem is getting into a routine afterwork and not just dumping things on the floor.  I had a huge pile of shoes, clothes and coats next to the computer after the past two weeks…

I have also been trying to help out the economy in my own small way…by spending money! 🙂 What have you been doing to help the economy out?

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Election 2008

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Quotes That Have Meaning…

What quote means the most to you? Inspires you the most?

Here are a few of mine…

“Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.”  Steve Prefontaine

“As a woman, I find it very embarassing to be in a meeting and realize I’m the only one in the room with balls.”

“You can not talk your way out a problem that you behaved your way into.” Steven Covey

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The National Anthem

That’s the second national anthem before a NASCAR race that I have been ashamed of. If you do not know the words, please see yourself to either the northern or southern border of this country.

The first anthem was by the lead singer of Three Doors Down, Brad Arnold and then tonight’s ‘performance’ was by Jessica Simpson. I really do not understand how these individuals do not a) know the correct words and b) respect the members of our military enough to learn and sing the correct words.

This summer during the Olympics, we got a glimpse of American at their best, both on the athletic field of play and in their displays of patriotism. Now, I am not saying that Jessica or Brad are unpatriotic, please do not take this that way. I am saying that seeing those athletes standing on the medal stand, listening to The Star Spangled Banner being played, watching them mouth the words or openly sing, sometimes with tears in their eyes is something very moving. I can not imagine what it feels like to be up there actually in that moment.

My opinion of a few athletes changed for the better because of the respect they showed their country and our national anthem. I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Kobe Bryant. But when I saw him on the medal stand singing, along with his teammates, it impressed me. Not enough for me to become a big fan but enough to at least respect him more. That may be a direct result of Coach K taking the time to let this team explore who they are as Americans and understand who and what they were representing while in Beijing. The two most moving medal stand images to me were Natalie Coughlin (swimming) and Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball). Natalie stood there proudly, singing, being moved to tears and calmly wiped her eyes at the end of the anthem…it was simple yet moving. Kerri also stood there proudly with her partner Misty May- Treanor, but with Kerri, you could tell she wanted to sing, and even started to, but couldn’t get out but a few words before she needed a deep breath to collect the emotions which surely were overwhelming her at the time.

No one but those individuals knows how they were feeling or if this is what was really going on, but that is how I saw it from home.

I think many people in this country need to watch this video and then see if they will sing the words correctly or with a different type of emotion next time. As for Brad and Jessica, I hope there isn’t a next time that I have to be subjected to that.

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Nothing But Everything is New….

I miss my friends…I miss sitting at home doing nothing at 3pm…I miss not feeling like I’m going 100 miles an hour.

I hate that I feel so unorganized and rush…and I need to work on so many life things…I don’t know where to start…or that’s how I feel.

Maybe after this weekend I will feel rested and ready to attack the week.

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Busy Start….

Busy start to the week today…it’s going to be a long one for sure! Extension Board mtg. tonight and then back to DC tomorrow…I hope I don’t have too many questions to answer today about EIN numbers, but honestly, how are these people ok with not being in compliance with the State guidelines…that really bothers me!

I hope Misty’s ankle is ok! I really would like to see her continue, but she has to do what is best for her and her vb career, and I know she will!

When will things slow down? I hope they do really soon so I can catch my breath and so I don’t feel like such a bad friend! I’m really being terrible right now!

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