Olympic Motivation?

Does anyone else out there get insanely motivated by watching the Olympics? May be weird, but I really have been motivated to get up and get off my butt these past few weeks since the games began! I’ve also been thinking about what sport in the Olympics I could do (please stop laughing now! 😛 ).

I think I’ve settled on none, but in a pinch I think I could handle beach volleyball, diving. , or the steeplechase. Yes, I know I didn’t play vb in high school or anywhere other than graduation parties…but who knows! Diving….I like the pool, I like the diving board….as long as I don’t pull a GL and smack my head on the board! The steeplechase seems to be the only event I prolly have a prayer in….running, jumping over things and running through water…sounds like Jr. High cross country gone wrong to me!

So excited that Kerri Walsh and Misty May -Treanor won the gold last night!! I watched all of their matches and even though the team from China put up a fight, they were the ones to pull it out. There were a few moments where I was a little worried but Kerri and Misty never lost their focus…which is a great attribute to have as an athlete.  I’d love to see them compete sometime…and if it wasn’t during State Fair, I’d be heading to Mason, OH next weekend!


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