Phelps has done it.

But not without some scares and help from others and destiny along the way.  It could have all ended before it began if Lezak did not get a great push off of the wall in the 4 x 400 free relay.

Jason Lezak deserves a big pat of the back for how he helped keep the Phelps dream alive against the French and in the final relay keeping and then expanding on the lead that Phelps himself had built up.  When you listen to Rowdy call the Lezak comeback, you think would have thought we were about to beat the Russians in hockey again.  his call ranks up there with the Miracle call and the Giants win the pennant calls.

And then last night’s fingernail win…it could have ended there. But as Kurt Russell (as Herb Brooks) said in Miracle “You were meant to be here..each and everyone of you.” This was Michael’s week and his time.  I honestly did not think he could do it. That is just incredible that he did.

Hats off to Dara Torres (who missed her first individual gold by 0.01) as well and then (less than half and hour later) almost bringing the gold home in the relay.


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