Been A While…

Sorry for the lack of posts, Just haven’t felt like writing I guess.

Not a lot going on but a lot at the same time. I need to do better at getting things done and not letting them pile up and then feeling overwhelmed. This happens a lot to me when there are changes about to occur. I’ve never been good with change.

What do you do to overcome the fear of change?

I haven’t heard anything about the NP job. KN said the search committee was going to meet again today and see where they wanted to go in the process. I’m not nervous about the outcome because whatever happens was in the plans forever. I’m nervous because I just want to find out. All in good time I am sure. To be honest, I guess I am nervous about the outcome, just because there are a lot of puzzle pieces that have to fall into place quickly reguardless of if I am staying in Lincoln or going somewhere else.  Can’t rush God’s timing though. I’m trying to remember that..its really hard sometimes for a “J” to do so.


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