Life Laundry

I was reading a post from Zen Habits today about doing your ‘Life Laundry”.  I like the concept, but when do any of us have time?

I tried to do this when I had only 20 hours to work during the week and could arrange my schedule how I wanted t, as long as the things I was responsible for got done.   Now that I have entered the ‘work til 5, Monday -Friday’ world, I haven’t been nearly as productive as I would like to be.  Yes we all have times of transition, but when do those times of transition end and we are really being the most productive individuals we can be?

Is there anything than making an effort to be more productive and do the things that I know I have to do during the day, that I can do?

I think growing up has a lot more secrets that no one wants to tell you about until you get there yourself.   Blah….just a blah day.


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