Election 2008

Now there are some subjects that I will rarely blog about…and this is one of them.  I do not feel educated enough or right spouting off my opinions…there are enough talking heads on TV to do that.

But this is one topic that I can not keep my opinion to myself on. Please read the article…..


Now I will admit, I understand the scheduling of these meetings must be in advance,  the organizers tried to work with everyone, and no compromise was really attempted (from how the article reads).  I do know however that this miscue and refusal to be present, is digging BO a hole he may never recover from (not that I mind).

In America today we do not appreciate our Veterans, past and present, as we should but we should never underestimate the power of their influence and vote.  JM served this nation as a POW for 5 years (BO has not even been in the Senate that long), in a war many did not agree with.  The fact that many people did not agree with the Vietnam war should not underestimate the sacrifice that JM and others like him made.  All of our veterans made sacrifices, as did their families.  Some did not pay the price with a life or a limb, but in time and missed life events.

I truely believe that if JM would have been elected in 2000, we would already be out of Iraq and Afganistan as the job would be finished.  We would have already found OBL and dealt with him in the proper manner.  I think that if elected JM will not only finish the job started by GWB but also improve the situation for our Soliders, Sailors, Marines and Airmen.  He’s been there. He will find OSB and bring him to justice for the crimes he has committed.

So BO, if you don’t want to discuss the issues facing Veterans of all wars, that’s fine….just don’t expect their support or the support of the individuals who understand the price that was paid to keep us FREE.


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