Red Alert…

weird moods approaching from the Southwest……

Not sure what has been up the past few days. I have been helping with Life Challenge and PASE, trying to enjoy my week off and also be productive. I haven’t really enjoyed my week off. I do enjoy helping with things around the office but I don’t know…maybe I just needed to be at home this week and not around the office.  I have to go in tomorrow to load the van for Sunday.  I don’t like all this travel. Once in awhile it is fine, but I’m honestly ready to feel like I live somewhere and not out of a suitcase. Two more weeks…..two more weeks.

Started on my presentation for the NP interview last night. Not really
sure where I am going with the presentation, but I am glad that I have
done one of these and seemed to give them the info they wanted.  That
helps when the topics are so broad.  That is for a reason I am sure,
but it would be tremendously HELPFUL to the interviewee if we were
given a little more direction…speaking directly from my SJ side right there.

I’ve come to realize my biggest problem with productivity is that I have too many places where I keep plans, appointments, etc.  I need to slim that down to one, two places tops and go from there. I have too many places to look and too many places to write things down before I can get down to doing something.

Started working on two new habits this month….not drinking more than one can of pop a day and journaling before bed or at least sometime during each day.  I have been drinking a lot of pop lately- not good for the teeth or the body, so I need to cut back. Journaling is just an attempt to put some of my thoughts out of my head before bed or when I am very stressed.  So far I am 2/2 on each habit…we will see how that works once camps start up again…..


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