Getting Ready…

to do it all over again.

This week’s camp starts at 5 tonight. 70 kids, basically triple what we have had so far. Should be interesting.

Woke up this morning to a downpour and thunder…you would think that after all this rain, there would be none left in the clouds!! Hopefully it dries off this week and is a good week for camp.

Interesting evening last night, got a text from this number I did not know, turns out to be D’s work phone. Totally fine….but then don’t not text me back until 2 am, telling me you’re drunk and wish I was there. It’s been an interesting time in my life for old relationships and friendships, actually any relationships for that matter. Some that I would like to hang on to and others I think I would be better off without. One I would really like to explore some more but do not know how to approach the situation since we haven’t talked since a random April day at the Rec.


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