A positive note…

The interview went well…very well indeed.

I did not get a second interview, but that is ok, I knew I did not have the experience for the position of county director! One aspect of the job that kind of shocked me was the fact that the interview team had NO idea that I was from around the Harrison county area, knew the educator working in that county now or anything about the position from the inside. I enjoyed that…because it made me sound way more intelligent/ prepared than I actually was! But it was also nice to be considered for my qualifications and not on the word of someone else.

The head interview guy was really encouraging when he called me about not getting the second interview. He was very positive about my interview and wanting me to be apart of Ohio State’s Extension team. I appreciated that too!

Robotics camp is going ok. First camp of the summer so there are kinks to work out. By the time we get to Chadron we will be pro’s!

I realized a big thing last night when I got a text message asking how my interview had went…I realized that I have an AWESOME friend, one that I know I can count on for anything, and I need to appreciate that more than I usually do! So THANKS a bunch dude! 😉

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