This coming week…

should be interesting.

I’m not sure why I care about the Harrison county interview. I do not want the job. True, it would be nice to have Vicky close to have as a resource, but she’s only a phone call away from here. I think I would lean on that too much, seek approval from that too much to be comfortable in the job. If they offer me the job, how do I walk away from it. I feel like there is so much pressure on me right now and would be in that position. Not only would my reputation be on the line but Vicky’s would sort-of be too….that’s why I feel so much pressure about this interview as well.

I want to do well…I want to be able to turn the job down…but I do not want to settle for a job that I do not want. That I would never feel comfortable in. I have always said that the only position I would come home for was the Carroll county job. That is still true.

I do not feel like this is the right job. Before I did have a guy feeling, but I think that was more of me needing time to process the idea and try to be ready for that change.

And it’s not like I do not have a job. I am working. What’s the big deal?

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