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Productivity and Life

We all have seen the websites, planners and other ‘things’ that claim to help increase our productivity.  Have you ever thought about those things actually hindering our productivity?

I am as guilty as the next person in those areas…I have the planner, I visit blogs and message boards about productivity, I’ve read more than a few books about being more productive….some of the ideas have taken hold and have been very helpful in my daily life. None of them have really become ‘habits’ but they do show up occasionally. I’m not knocking those blogs or message boards…they are a great resource! But how productive can you be if you are always reading about being productive?

This is just a thought that I’m rolling over in my mind right now….any comments would be appreciated!

I’m looking forward to the week off!




Possible Interview

WOOOOOOOOOHOOO! Potential job in Nebraska!

I emailed KN this morning, just letting him know that if they did e-mail me, I would be getting back to them when I get back to Lincoln on Friday. He e-mailed me back, saying I was on the short list for the North Platte job and J would be calling me late this week, beginning of next to set up and interview.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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Ord, NE

I really like this place.

Yesterday on the way up, I didn’t think that K had brought a map…I was right…I’m glad I have a sense of direction and remember the way to Ord…so we found the cabin and had a good evening.

I read a few pages in A River Runs Through It…great book.

Woke up this morning, ate of the left-over pizza from dinner and saw a deer drinking out of the pond. I also saw a wild turkey along the road ( I had heard them all evening and recognized them thanks to MO’s turkey calling abilities) on the drive from the cabin to the road this morning….

The kids seem to be good Nebraska kids, about par for the course up here….

Off to GI to meet A and B for dinner and grocery shopping.

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This week was incredible, in good ways and bad. It was incredible good because it was just fun, no matter what went wrong or did not turn out right, it was fun. The two groups from Illinois were made up of great people who added to the fun of the week. Some of those kids also provided the biggest laughs! 🙂

In other ways it wasn’t so great. i have realized how much a little planning and attention to detail pay off in the end. Not that I have ever been one to not plan or think about things, but this weeks moments of insanity helped concrete those thoughts.

Busy day today regrouping from this week and getting ready to be gone for the next week. I need to be better about picking things up at the end of the day…not just leaving them lay…my apt. looks like a hurricane went through….

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All Downhill From Here….

Lincoln camp = OVER!

All in all, an enjoyable week! Had some rough patches but it was fun!

More of a recap tomorrow before heading to Ord for the week on Sunday! 🙂

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Getting Ready…

to do it all over again.

This week’s camp starts at 5 tonight. 70 kids, basically triple what we have had so far. Should be interesting.

Woke up this morning to a downpour and thunder…you would think that after all this rain, there would be none left in the clouds!! Hopefully it dries off this week and is a good week for camp.

Interesting evening last night, got a text from this number I did not know, turns out to be D’s work phone. Totally fine….but then don’t not text me back until 2 am, telling me you’re drunk and wish I was there. It’s been an interesting time in my life for old relationships and friendships, actually any relationships for that matter. Some that I would like to hang on to and others I think I would be better off without. One I would really like to explore some more but do not know how to approach the situation since we haven’t talked since a random April day at the Rec.

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I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore….

been a wild and crazy evening…storms/ tornadoes in the area…and now my ceiling is leaking…it’s going to be a long night! Hopefully tomorrow the maintenance guys are smart and fix the roof and not just my ceiling.

I don’t think I have been that scared before…well ok when I was in the car during a storm similar to the one that went through….I would have went to A’s but by the time I got my stuff together to go….it was pouring…I know, I know…stuff can be replaced…I can’t be, but the stuff I was grabbing can’t be replaced either.

The weather man was awesome tonight, staying on for at least 3 hours straight (no commercials even) so thanks weather man! 🙂

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